Fire & Smoke Restoration

Our family is known as the professional fire and smoke damage restoration expert that people have trusted to deliver the best fire and smoke damage restoration service, since 1969.

When a fire occurs in a home or business, the aftermath can seem overwhelming, but time is of the essence. If the fire restoration process is postponed, secondary damage can occur and worsen over time. Immediate remediation of the structure can help avoid unnecessary repairs and potential long-term issues while assuring that your home or business is expedited back to normal as soon as possible.

Fire & Smoke


Once a technician arrives, they will inspect and evaluate the damage, making sure to inspect all areas such as HVAC system, attic/roof, interior and exterior, as well as the flooring. Afterward, our technicians will develop a plan of action with a detailed project timeline that is specific to your job, irrespective of whether its at your home, or in your commercial space.

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Our trained crews specializing in Smoke & Fire Remediation will work quickly and carefully to get you back in your home or business as soon as possible.  During the process, we will try to save as many of your belongings (such as appliances, furniture and clothing) as we can. We will document everything we remove from the structure by taking pictures and/or keeping written records. We will also be returning any salvageable furniture and appliances back to your home or business, after the fire restoration is complete.

Safety First

Remember that safety comes first, so if there’s no way to safely gain access into your home or commercial space, then stay out until the professionals arrive. If it is possible to enter your house or commercial space, make sure you’re wearing work gloves, long sleeves/pants, and proper respiratory protection, such as a mask because exposure to soot can cause respiratory problems and other medical issues.


Depending on the nature of the fire and the methods use to extinguish it drying equipment might be necessary. Once all standing water has been removed, it’s time to start drying out the home or your business. Equipment is added in order to quickly control the humidity levels and remove the excess moisture within the affected areas. Drying equipment can be present for several nights depending on factors such as the length of time the water has been present and the source of the leak. The technician working on your home or business space will be able to assess how long the equipment will be needed.

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